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What's Special?

  • Workshops are curriculum-oriented, customized for each visit, and always engaging and fun for students. The experience is meaningful and enduring for students and educators who utilize the strategies in future lessons/classes.

  • Lichtmann is dedicated to working with schools before and after all workshops in order to support educators and their young writers in reaching their goals.
  • Lichtmann joins his real-life and practical experience as a former teacher with his professional experience as a full-time author.

*Free Author-Talk Sessions!*

Do you want your class to speak with an author, for free? Lichtmann loves speaking with young readers and writers!

  • Students learn about his writing process, strategies, and tips during free Author-Talks with classrooms.

  • Students will also find out about the profession of writing and what life is like as an author. Lichtmann not only describes his path to becoming an author but how students can empower themselves and increase their position through developing/sharpening their writing skills, regardless of professional pursuit.

  • Plus, students can ask their own questions-- about Lichtmann's novel, Dynamo, the characters in it, the wild and true stories that became material for parts of the book, or anything else related to writing! Lichtmann never fails to engage his audience.

If your class reads Dynamo (or has students reading it as part of the curriculum/summer reading), then your classroom is eligible for a Free Author-Talk session! Lichtmann works closely with his publisher to provide free teacher copies and school discounts on novels.  

Lichtmann travels to local New Jersey schools for Author-Talks, but he also speaks with whole classrooms via live video chat!

Send an inquiry on the CONTACT  page if you'd like to find out how you can have an Author-Talk (in person or via video conference) with your students.

In Single-Day Workshops, Lichtmann engages students in writing alongside him as he teaches his strategies and tips for particular writing objectives. Through a series of mini-lessons and "writerly" challenges, students employ Lichtmann's writing strategies to create their own works in the genre being explored. Students also have an opportunity for open questions about all things literary. (A workshop day typically includes four classroom sessions, 50 minutes each. Scheduling and session length can be customized.) 

Multi-Day Workshops (typically four) expand on the strategies Lichtmann uses in his own writing. The wider time-frame allows students to conference with Lichtmann in small groups or individually for Lichtmann's personal feedback on revisions. There is more time-on-writing, as well. Additional writing/revision strategies are employed over multiple sessions, and through this process, students develop a culminating piece of writing to present and celebrate in the final session.

*Culminating events can be as simple as classroom readings or as elaborate as  after-school celebrations with parents and local media. School newspapers can develop special publications/anthologies of students' work-- even selling such publications as fundraisers for class trips or school needs.

​Writing Workshops

Zach Lichtmann


about Zach Lichtmann

Zach Lichtmann is an author, writing-workshop facilitator, school speaker, and arts advocate. When you are ready to see the difference in your students and their writing, it's time to discover Lichtmann's author visits and writing workshops (details below). Whether you want to motivate reluctant readers or engage student writers, Lichtmann works with schools and teachers before his visits and afterwards to ensure the greatest experience for everyone involved. Having been a teacher before writing full-time, he develops engaging curriculum-oriented workshops that are customized for your school, your teachers, and your students. 

"What are the hardest things to teach in your reading and writing lessons? In what areas do your students have the most difficulty? Those are areas I can target when I customize my workshops for your school. And, they will be addressed with rigor, interest, and fun." - Zach Lichtmann

Lichtmann also serves as Chairman of the Literary Arts Committee and the Youth Committee for the Franklin Township Cultural Arts Council.