Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamo

What age is Dynamo suitable for?

Every reader is different, but in a general sense Dynamo is suitable for ages twelve and up. Mature seventh grade readers have given fantastic feedback. Freshman through Seniors make up a large portion of the readers (the main characters in Dynamo are sixteen).

Some scenes contain brief moments of violence, but nothing that hasn't been aired on TV channels two through twelve during daylight hours. There are no curses. 

I want to teach a lesson / unit using the novel Dynamo. Where can I get discounted classroom copies of the novel Dynamo for my school?

Great News: Teachers can get FREE copies of the novel Dynamo for a limited time, and schools can order bulk copies of novels at discount rates by using the contact form on the Contact page!

Doubly Great News: Lichtmann offers FREE video sessions with classes that teach Dynamo (or have students reading it independently).

Teachers, librarians, curriculum coordinators/coaches, school administrators and students can use the contact form to arrange these free author video sessions! You can also inquire about an in-school author visit! For local schools in New Jersey, Lichtmann visits for free with school orders of Dynamo.

Is Dynamo a good book for boys? Is it a good book for "reluctant readers"?

Yes! Absolutely. More so than many other novels. now features "Dynamo" on their blog about great books for boys. Lichtmann was a teacher of Language arts for several years before he began writing full-time, and he has kept a keen sense of engaging his audience with the novel Dynamo.

There are many schools of thought about how to help "reluctant readers" or struggling readers (male and female), and the leading research indicates that a great (and probably the best) place to start is with what the individual child likes in his/her life. Bridging the gap between a student's interests and reading should be at the center of the guided intervention to help kindle a child's positive experience with reading. There are, of course, many things to consider that are independent of the book, but here are some of the ways that the novel Dynamo offers itself as "a good book for boys" as well as girls:

       The characters are real and charged with teen passion and emotion. It's relatable. It's realistic. It's got teeth and nerves and tension in the interaction between characters. It's got the inner thoughts and emotions associated with facing fears and bullies, which allow readers to find their own voice in their own lives. Readers definitely find pieces of themselves in the different characters and friendships in the book. Perhaps most importantly, Dynamo inspires debate about major coming-of-age issues like friendship, loyalty, risk-taking, courage, self worth, and identity. These issues, which are dealt with through a teen's point of view (with the messy mistakes and the glorious successes of all great coming-of-age adventures) make Dynamo a great book for "reluctant readers" to discover.


I have more questions. Where can I ask them?

Feel free to use the contact form for any and all questions you have. Free author video sessions, in-school author visits, getting a copy of  the novel Dynamo to review, coordinating interviews/podcasts/blogs/vlogs/ or pretty much any other sort of literary revelry you can think up is always welcome for discussion!

"The greatest story told is the fight to become who you want to be…"

A few Fan-Favorite lines here:

Zach Lichtmann

Synopsis of Dynamo:

At sixteen, the world changes pretty fast, and the unspoken rules of high school are being shaken. Between his best friend's wild attitude, a new and seemingly crazy teacher, and the first fist fight he's ever been in, the quiet path Matt attempts to live by is being eroded. Maybe he could have handled it all, but then it happened. A violent crime propels Matt and his three best friends into a series of secret missions where they'll discover what it means to take a stand. Friendship, first loves, bullies, and risk are just words until the crew of ordinary friends live the most extraordinary school year of their lives. How far they'll go and what's at stake along the way will change them forever.

"Dynamo is inspired by true events."  Read some pages and get hooked HERE.

What are people saying about Dynamo?

"...a young adult book that made me feel like a teen again...the characters are the heart of Dynamo. I would especially recommend this book for younger readers such as teenage boys in middle or high school." - ( full review here)

I was so impressed by this book! Once I started reading it, I found that I couldn't put it down! The plot was so engaging that it kept me interested and guessing throughout the entire book. I loved the characters and thought that the author developed them realistically. I was also drawn to the strength of the friendships and other relationships within the book, and to the great writing."  - (Amazon Review)

"I recognize the necessity of developing the characters and building the tension, and Lichtmann does that VERY well. So too, the scenes and settings. I found myself shivering and hunching my shoulders in the cold and feeling the hair rising on my neck in the darkness…" - (Amazon Review)

"Put simply, the guy can write. If you're trying to get your teen to start reading, start them with this one.It's an easy and engaging read that mirrors some of what high school students go through during their school careers." - (Joshua Rivedal - Author, Theatre Producer, International Speaker)